I began doing business with Ms. Weiland while she served as the Creative Director with a local marketing firm. It was immediately clear to my staff and I that Ms. Weiland was a talented and inventive creative force for her firm. The added bonus was to discover the depth of Ms. Weiland’s understanding and competence in marketing and sales issues. Her ability to provide successfully creative approaches to our marketing and sales challenges made her an invaluable part of our recent successes. So much so that she also provided key elements to our Marketing planning work over time including media buys, budget creation, and product placement strategy. Ms. Weiland’s contribution to our success has been worth much more than the fees we paid for her work. I heartily recommend Ms. Weiland and Mediaville for becoming deeply involved in your company’s branding, marketing, sales, and public relations work.


Steve O.

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Nikki Weiland of Mediaville has the innate ability to see the big picture and create an entire image for your company. The only time that I’ve every been disappointed by Mediaville is when I couldn’t afford to implement all the great marketing ideas that she presented to me. Although I am not a large company with a multi-million dollar advertising budget, she always seems to have time for me and treats me as though I’m her most important client. Small business owners appreciate that kind of treatment from their creative partners.


Needless to say, over these numerous years, there have been a couple occasions where business associates have convinced me to try out other marketing companies. Each time I try, I am always disappointed by the low level of their product quality and service delivery; however, it always reminds me and makes me appreciate the quality work and high level of service that Mediaville provides to my company.


Jon S.

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I needed to find a creative to build a brand for myself, my Dressage training and my goal to represent the US in the 2016 Olympics. Nikki Weiland of Mediaville fulfilled my expectations and then some. Mediaville designed a logo that represents what I do and how I do it. The design process was well-planned and she did an exemplary job providing details and giving descriptions of balance and form, down to type style choices. She understood my objective and goals.


She also designed and produced my Web site and other material, perfectly representing “Art and Athleticism. Grit and Grace.” The entire branding package is something I’m very proud to display and use. Mediaville delivered beyond my expectations.


Whit W.

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What has always impressed me about Ms Weiland is how she sees the world in unique and creative ways.   For example, as a client of hers I did, of course, have certain ideas about what I was looking for in our work.   However, Ms Weiland has a special combination of creativity and intuition that aids her to deliver far more than I could have imagined from an outlined concept.  It amazed me at how she was able to make something new and exciting after being given even limited direction. 

Whether it is in helping a client to overachieve their ambitions or, in her personal life, taking risks and following an inwardly guided ambition, Ms Weiland is someone I admire for many reasons.  Her strength in working through illness, her compassion for understanding and helping my daughters, her professionalism in support of her clients, and her joy as a person are inspiring.  I believe she is a person who would be a credit to your program, an intellectual and creative addition that would be a very positive addition.

Andrew U.

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I came to NIkki after reviewing her portfolio of work in the spring of 2013.  I was a physician starting along the path of entrepreneurial activity. I had little to no idea about the concept of branding, website and logo design. I was initially most impressed with how intentional and slow she was to begin the process. I could feel her efforts to understand and empathize with what Pondworks was trying to achieve. Thereafter the project rolled forward in a steady fashion to a product I have been most pleased with. I'm now over six years out from our work together and still impressed with her design. The motion within the logo continues to be a joy to notice.


Our additional projects included design of my website and interior decoration of my office. The office extends the logo and website well.  My patients comment often about how unique and enjoyable they find the office.  Our recent survey title CPOSS shows this and if interested can be viewed on our website.


Again, I believe Nikki has the combination of professional discipline mixed with an intuitive talent to be a valuable asset to your program. 

Bernard K., MD

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We are proud to distribute the invitations and catalogues that Mediaville has created to art representatives across the nation as illustrated business cards of our standing reputation in the contemporary arts field.  Also, many of the artists whose work is included in the exhibitions have contacted us with praise for the designs…Working with Mediaville is a pleasant experience.  Their professionalism and experience facilitated the problem-solving that is needed for projects such as these.

Vanessa P.

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I highly recommend Mediaville for any situation where diligence, creativity and teamwork are prized.

Keith W.

I hired Ms. Weiland as my business was planning on moving to a new location to further expand both our list of services and to give us more room for our day to day needs. Our business was growing but we didn’t have any of the necessary media in place to really make the growth period all that smooth and prosperous. In short Ms. Weiland saved our lives in a business sense. When we hired her it wasn’t as if our Web site wasn’t user friendly, we didn’t even have one


Over the course of five to six months she took our business out of the 1980’s and slammed it into our present day. She modifed our logo, built a Web site for both our health clinic, and our attached teahouse, and effortlessly handled all the day to day of our creative media as if she knew the requests were coming ahead of time.


Ms. Weiland not only does outstanding design work, she also knows the ins and outs of her field. She counseled us very well in creating an online presence, exactly what we were looking for as a business and also our personality as people. In short I highly recommend her for any creative adventure that you are presented with.


James P., L.Ac.

Mediaville was able to help us clarify our design needs and work within our constraints to create a very professional design package.  The designs captured the essence of who we are... They have shown great resourcefulness in creating solutions to meet our spontaneous requests, and are consistently pleasant to work with. I highly recommend their services.

Raquel W.