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Nikki Weiland works primarily with boutique and small businesses and nonprofit organizations, and finds this niche the most enjoyable. She holds communication and true connection with the client invaluable and the key to a successful branding endeavor. Her clients tend to be Individuals who possess a strong intent and desire to be better and do better.


She has played the role of Creative Director and Art Director for marketing firms and agencies, hiring, managing and mentoring designers, developers and production artists. Nikki continues to wear many hats and loves to do so. From conceptualization to production; largescale strategy to infographics (she loves visual display of information!); color theory, font moods, how shape affects thought. There are no stones unturned when working alongside her.



A leader and mentor in the creative profession, Nikki loves to work with people who are excited about what they do and are genuine, honest and hold great clarity. Even better if what they do is something extraordinary in the world to benefit all forms of life on this planet.


She believes that design and display of information plays a large role in all aspects of modern living. It can clarify, bewilder, inspire, provide the mind with a place to rest, a place to dream and a place to get involved. Many people may not truly understand how they are affected by what they are seeing and consequently how well they remember it or how it may integrate into their daily lives. 

Nikki is a foodie and loves bringing people together over shared meals and great conversation. She is a film actress, an anthropologist - getting her second degree in Psychological Anthropology - a sci-fi nerd and gamer, and absolutely adores animals. 

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  • Nikki Weiland on LinkedIn

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